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GREENVILLE: The City of Greenville is preparing for the predicted inclement weather due to hit the North Texas area later this week.

Weather forecasts are calling for possible sleet and snow flurries.
The City of Greenville Public Works Department has a plan of action in the event inclement weather and hazardous road conditions develop. The sand spreader, backhoe, bucket truck, and all necessary equipment are fueled and ready to be deployed, as needed. City personnel have been notified to be available as necessary after hours to handle any
situations that may occur.

Weather related utility events such as frozen, leaking and broken water pipes, or blocked sewer pipes on the City’s service lines will be handled as quickly as possible. During normal work hours customers may call (903) 457-3152 for assistance. After hours and weekend calls may be made to (903) 457-2948.

Residents are urged to plan and prepare for inclement weather by wrapping exposed pipes, protecting plants and shrubs, checking for adequate anti-freeze levels in vehicles and providing shelter for outdoor animals. It is also a good idea to stock up on extra batteries for flashlights and radios, and to have a small supply of water and ready to eat foods
in the event of an extended utility service interruption.

69 Car Pileup Near Williamsburg Virginia Leads To More Than 50 Injuries

A massive 69 car pileup in a Virginia interstate on Sunday led to 51 people being hospitalized, state authorities reported. The incident occurred on Interstate 64 in York County near Williamsburg.

Virginia State Police said ice and fog may have played a role in the chain-reaction crashes that began around 7:51 a.m. “Fog and ice were causative factors, but the cause of the actual accident, we do not know at this time,” said Virginia State Police spokeswoman Sgt. Michelle Anaya to NPR.

The police also reported that although the crash took place on the westbound lanes, drivers distracted by the crashes on the eastbound lanes also got into accidents. This resulted in a shut down of the westbound lane for 7 hours and the eastbound side for 3 hours.

Peter Glagola, spokesman for Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, told USA today doctors there were treating 24 patients but that none had life-threatening injuries.

“One patient has serious injuries, five are being treated for moderate injuries, and 18 for minor injuries,” Glagola said. “More details to come.”

However, the Virginia Gazette reported that Steve Kopczyinski, the chief of York County Fire and Life Safety, said that out of 51 people taken to the hospital, seven injuries were considered serious and two were life-threatening.

Meanwhile, NPR reported that Shaun Stewart, the owner of the Williamsburg Flight Center, flew a plane over the wreckage Sunday morning and said he was shocked by what he saw.

“It was a bit shocking to see how they were all so tightly packed together,” Stewart said. “I have to imagine it was because of the heavy fog that was wafting all around this morning.”

Source: Major 69 Car Virginia Interstate Pileup Leads to More Than 50 Injuries