Skydivers Collide & Fall After Mid-Air Collision in Fannin County

Skydive Spaceland in Whitewright released info on the skydiving incident that occurred on Saturday.

Management said two licensed and experienced skydivers collided in mid-air Saturday afternoon after a freefall. One skydiver was unconscious when he landed, but became alert before being flown to a Plano area hospital. The other skydiver was uninjured. Both skydivers were wearing wingsuits & did several other jumps, the same day before this accident. Both are expected to make a full recovery

Officials say weather was not a factor

2 A&M-Commerce Students Shot Have Been Identified

Texas A&M- Commerce reported 2 of their students were shot in Florida over the weekend.

A release from the A&M College stated that 2 of their Commerce students were robbed, then shot in Florida over the weekend while celebrating spring break. The 2 students names have since been released, Jay Bias & Xavier Morris.

Both students are said to be in stable condition, and have coaches and family by their side per a tweet put out by fellow team mate Pierre Leonard.

Continued prayers for the Texas A&M-Commerce Staff, Friends & Family

Jay Bias (Left) Xavier Morris (Right)

High Water Safety Tips

Flash flooding is the leading cause of weather-related deaths in Texas. As little as six inches of water can float some vehicles. If you encounter a flooded road, Turn Around, Don’t Drown.

  • Never try to walk, swim or drive through swift water.
  • Stay informed about weather conditions when you are driving.
  • If your vehicle stalls in deep water, leave it and move to higher ground if you can do so safely.
  • Do not disobey warning signs or drive around barriers blocking low water crossings. Penalties include a fine of up to $2,000 and/or up to 180 days in jail.
  • Tampering with warning devices is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, up to two years in jail or both.

Subject That Hunt County & DPS Are Searching For In The Area Of Hwy 380

AARON GATHWRIGHT is wanted for fleeing from officers in the area of Hwy 380 & CR 2148. This is an active search. DPS Helicopter along with TDC Prison dogs are helping with the search.

Anyone with information on this subjects whereabouts are urged to contact Hunt County Sheriffs Office @ 903-453-6800 or dial 911

UPDATE: Suspect was taken into custody after dogs surrounded a Camper trailer he had broken into trying to hide.

Good job to everyone involved

Two Texas A&M Commerce Students Shot In Florida During Spring break

Texas A&M-Commerce Athletics learned that two of its football student-athletes were robbed and shot at gunpoint in the Miami, Flordia while on Spring Break vacation. Both student-athletes are currently being treated at a Miami area hospital.

Head Football Coach & Athletic director are enroute to Florida now to be with the 2 students and their family

This is all the information we have at this time and will release more when updates become available

Search On For Subject Who Has Ran From DPS Units #Breaking

DPS along with Hunt County Sheriffs Office are currently searching for a subject who has hit a tree in a vehicle, then fleeing from officers on foot in the area Of Hwy 380 and CR 2148. Unknown if this was from a pursuit or not at this time.

DPS Helicopter 101 is enroute to help with the search

Officers do have a tight perimeter set up at this time awaiting DPS Helicopter 101 to make scene as of 11:44pm

*Helicopter is in the area searching 11:48pm

*Bonham TDC Tracking dogs are enroute to the location to search for the suspect 12:00am

*UPDATE: Suspect is in custody after dogs surrounded a camper trailer that he broken into trying to hide.

Good job to everyone involved


Improper Relationship Between Educator And Student At Quinlan High School #Breaking

Report Released By QISD Police: On March 12, 2019, we received information that an improper relationship was occurring between an educator and student at Ford High School. QISD Police Department immediately began an investigation. Through numerous interviews and the gathering of evidence, QISD PD arrested Arthur V. Galope Jr. on March 15th and placed him in the Hunt County Jail. Arthur V. Galope Jr. was charged with Improper Relationship between Educator and Student and his bond has been set $150,000. We would like to thank those who suspected this was occurring for coming forward and the Quinlan ISD for their full cooperation in this investigation.

Train Safety While Operating A Motor Vehicle

In a collision with a train, you are 40 times more likely to be killed than if you were in a collision with another car. Therefore, we urge you to remember these tips while driving near railroad crossings:

  • Reduce speed when approaching crossings and look both ways.
  • Turn down your stereo and listen for a train.
  • If red lights are flashing or if crossing arms have been lowered, stop.
  • Never stop on the tracks. A train going 50 miles per hour needs a mile and a half to stop.
  • Be sure all tracks are clear before crossing – there may be more than one set.

Texas law requires motorists to yield the right of way to trains. It is also against the law to cross tracks if a train is visible or to drive around gates that have been lowered at a railroad crossing. If the gates are down and no train is coming, the road is closed.

Scam Alert

The Sheriff’s Office has taken multiple calls today of a new scam targeting residents of Hunt County.

Unknown suspects have called multiple persons today identifying themselves as a supervisor with the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office and telling them they have a warrant for their arrest. The victim is then instructed to go to the Dollar Tree or other convenience store and put monies on a card. The suspect will either stay on the phone the entire time or instruct the victim to call them back.

This type of scam has targeted Hunt County residents in the past but the difference this time is they have the name and rank of one of our supervisors in an attempt to make this sound more official. The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office will not at any time attempt to collect monies for a warrant over the phone. If at any time you question the validity of a call from the Sheriff’s Office you can contact the non-emergency number 903-453-6800 to verify the identity of the deputy calling and/or the nature of the call.

Sheriff Meeks stated: “This is very concerning because they have actual name and rank of our personnel. I ask everyone to remain vigilant and report any crimes of this nature”.

Sheriff Randy Meeks

Share The Road Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle drivers and other motorists can prevent accidents and injuries and limit the seriousness of incidents by taking preventive measures.

Motorcycles Safety Training I Licenses

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) oversees the Motorcycle Safety Unit and administers statewide programs geared towards motorcycle safety and certification.

The basic course teaches fundamentals and is required of all drivers in order to receive a Class M motorcycle driver’s license. An advanced course is also available for more experienced riders and teaches maneuvering, riding on wet payment and other safety skills.

Helmet Law

All riders under the age of 21 are required to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. Riders over 21 may ride without a helmet only if they have completed a safety course or are covered by an applicable insurance plan.

Safety Tips

Motorcyclists don’t have the protection that cars and trucks have. To stay safe, remember to:

  • Wear a helmet and other protective gear.
  • Turn on your headlights and ride defensively.
  • Avoid the center of the lane where debris and oil build up.
  • Ride at a safe speed, and never ride if you’ve been drinking.
  • Take a course to learn or reinforce safe riding techniques.

Other drivers need to keep an eye out for motorcycles and safely share the road:

  • Look twice for motorcyclists at intersections, entering highways and whenever turning or changing lanes.
  • Always maintain a safe following distance.
  • When passing a motorcyclist, move to the other lane and allow a full lane for the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Safety Campaign

TxDOT’s statewide Share the Road motorcycle safety and public awareness campaign urges motorists to look twice for motorcycles at intersections and when changing lanes, the two places where serious motorcycle collisions commonly occur.

Aggressive Drivers

If you’ve ever been passed on the wrong side, tailgated, cut off or hemmed in by another vehicle, you’ve been the victim of an aggressive driver. Drivers may be fined up to $200 for each moving violation associated with aggressive driving and could spend time in jail.

Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver

  • Keep your emotions in check. Don’t take your frustrations out on other drivers.
  • Plan ahead and allow enough time for delays.
  • Focus on your own driving. Yelling, pounding on the steering wheel and honking your horn won’t make traffic move any faster.

How to Avoid Danger

First, be a cautious, considerate driver. Avoid creating a situation that may provoke another motorist.

  • Don’t tailgate or flash your lights at another driver.
  • If you’re in the left lane and someone wants to pass, move over and let the driver pass you.
  • Use your horn sparingly.

Second, if you do encounter an angry driver, don’t make matters worse by triggering a confrontation.

  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Steer clear and give angry drivers plenty of room.
  • Don’t make inappropriate hand or facial gestures.
  • If you’re concerned for your safety, call 9-1-1.

1 alarm Structure Fire Delayed

A little after 3:00am this morning HCSO, Commerce Fire Department, Campbell FD and Wolfe City responded to a reported structure fire in the 2200 block of PR 4327. Caller reports flames and smoke in their house. Greenville FD was also toned for this fire. Arriving units state house is fully involved. All occupants are in front yard. Power company requested to the scene. HCEMS was put on standby as this is now a 2 alarm structure fire. Commerce Ecorps requested for rehab

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